Wash Out


Performance / 30 min / Collaboration with Michelle Mantsio

Performed at LCI Melbourne, Australia and at the Florence Peel Centre, Melbourne, Australia.

In the performance Wash Out, Michelle Mantsio and Clara J:son Borg are addressing notions of hygiene. The work has a winding structure of an odyssey and takes off from ideas around the visual human interaction and material knowledge in relation to a space and its maintenance. The performance further look at western chorographical concepts of maintenance of the human body, at flooding and the water capacity of procuring a bacterial outbreak, an arm to mouth choreographies which is the most dangerous movements concerning transportation of germs on the human body and a movement score from Greek mythology around rhythm.


The performance is an exploration between spoken word, experimental writing, text, movement and images. Within and between those categories the work tries to explore different social contracts and social choreographies in relation to hygiene, architecture and art history and to ask question about the structures that humans have develop to enable an urban living.