Performance / 40 min / Collaboration with Michelle Mantsio

Performed at RAAR, Rotterdam, The Netherlands and at Yellow Brick, Athens, Greece

The point of departure for the 3,1,1,1 project is an investigation of the human pronounces performance strategies and ability of transformation in relation to architecture, sound, geography and smell. For the RAAR presentation, the artists read six texts written during a one week residency at ONONO in Rotterdam. The text focused on how the human pronoun changed if while looking at a subject moving away from you in a tunnel,  embody a funny body, how smell can make you lose your pronoun, political anatomy and the human olfactory system.

The performance lecture in Athens had a direction towards hygiene, concepts of dirty and clean and cultural rituals. In the lecture, the artist presented different ideas and thoughts around how those subjects stabilized and unstabilized social contract, normalized and politizes human bodies. The lecture was an interaction between reading of text, choreographies, spontaneous dancing, illustrated stories and sound.

Link to documentation at RAAR “20 Text:  http://mixlr.com/raar/showreel/?page=2