SD video / 8. 18 min / Sound


Six out of 26 students accepted the artists invitation to get together after 12 years and try to re-enact a gym class and a dance routine that was thought to them in secondary school. The video is a documentation of this attempt.

In this site-specific performance, at their old gym hall, questions concerning muscular memory, the individual memory and its transformation in to the collective memory is investigated. The group moves, discuss and try different routines out in the search for the right combination of movement that the dance consisted of.


After some attempts of remembering the dance routines their former gym teacher, who ones thought them the dace, turns up and the dynamic in the group shifts from being collective into individual as the teacher is trying to remember the student’s names. When he further talks about that he is still has the same job after 12 years and the students starts to discuss what grades they once got the attention in the work gets directed towards the time that has been passing and the relational bounds that they still got to one another and how that might have affected where they are in their life today. When the teacher then takes the role as the teacher again and corrects the scores of the dance, they dynamic in the group shifts again. As division of minds accrues as the teacher is not convinced about the groups success of remembering the dance and the group actually think they did a good job, they students falls back in to being an collective again.