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A choreographic novell regarding space


Performance / 30 min

Produced and performed as a part of the studio grant award from Jönköpings Läns Museum and Jönköpings Regions Kulturråd, Sweden

The performance is a dance, a story, a lecture and a sound scape. Parts, which are performed both solisticly and in conversation together they investigate ideas around choreographic and social notations of  production of space. The investigation is based on and expanding from the theory in the book Production of Space written by the French philosopher and sociologist Henri Lefebrve.


The work is an attempt to look at the western philosophical thinking and writing and it’s choreographic content. What ideas have been abandoned, which one has been kept? How do they make us move, become producers of space and how does this in turn established cultures? They work is also a translation of a male writer’s choreographic language onto a female body and her movements. What is held between the written words and the moving body? What is lost?

The conversations retold in the work is one that the artist had with a friend from Brazil just establishing a life in Sweden and not understanding why Swedish people never made space for socialising. Other conversations are encounters the artist had with two archaeologists working at the museum around the idea of how they as trained archeologist produced space within their work and they understand the relationship between time and space.