A practice of a flexible horizon


Installation / 3 architectural prints, 150x200mm / single channel video, 10.44 min / multi-channel video, loop

The project "A practice of a flexible horizon" was developed during a residency at AADK SPAIN in the summer of 2018. 

Installation view from the RET building in Rotterdam.

The works in "A practice of a flexible horizon" addresses different ideas and concept around western chorographical, linguistically and social kinetic structures in relation to division of land, history of mobility and philosophical approaches to space.

The three large architectonic prints picturing three shores and horizons; they are three out of four geographical places in western Europe where people used to believe that the world ended. The video underneath encounters different western ideas around choreography in open space, structures of agriculture as a transmitter of human intelligence and chorographical concepts of where the borders of the middle are. The second video, which is a text-based, writes out the two different choreographies existing when crossing the border from Spain to Gibraltar.

The project was supported but CBK Rotterdam and the Mondriaan Fond.