A practice of a flexible horizon


Performance / 30 min / Performed by Amy Pickles, Daniel Tuomey och Clara J:son Borg

The project “A practice of a flexible horizon” was developed during a residency at AADK SPAIN in the summer of 2018.

The performance was shown at the July Open Studios at AADK SPAIN, Blanca and during the show A practice of a flexible horizon in the RET building in Rotterdam.

The lecture performance is trying to follow a investigative structure of Actor Network Theory and is putting forward ideas around western and colonial division of land, of juridical structures of that forms or choreography, about how moving can be a physical identity of pleasure. It also looks at western mobility from a historical perspective and to investigate what the situations or elements are that have formed the ideas of what wester ideology think is the capacity of humans mobility and how this creates different space. The performance also investigates the chorographical concepts about the smooth space from Deleuze and Guattari. A smooth space was for themsomething that was created by human movements and the opposite space of the border divided western space.

The project was supported by CBK Rotterdam and the Mondriaan Fond.