Doppelgänger / Genuine Miracle


HD color video / 9.36 min / Sound

The two men in the video are instructed by a female voice how to interact with each other. The role of the most dominant character is shifting between the men and at some points they also performing on their own. This narrative is interlaces with a black frame containing a transcribed monolog from a healing session in a church. The monolog is talking about faith, healing and addressing an audience about possible seen miracle.

The video is establishing a dialog in which the performative function of language in relation to movement is investigate. The work looks at the performative quality of verbality, how that can constitute our understanding and perceiving of the human body and how verbal instruction can be translated into movements and gestures. It also looks at figuration of power dynamics and what it is that decides who inhabits the strongest position; it is the voice, the text or the men's movements?