Framåt, förbi och tillbaka igen


An audio walk / An installation / A happening / Collaboration with Karin Granstrand

Performed and exhibited at Galleri S:t Gertrud, Konstfrämjandet Skåne, Malmö.

“Framåt, förbi och tillbaka igen” was an interactive exhibition that begun with a walk and concluded as an installation. With assistance from an audio guide, the participants went out for walk in the neighborhood around the gallery. The 22 minutes audio guide have three main parts where one is instructions for the participant where to go and what to do. The other part is stories read out about Karin and I’s ambivalent relationship to material things. The third part is a soundscape created to direct the participants vision and movement in the public space.

One of the most important instruction in the guide was to bring an object back from the walk, and leave it somewhere in the gallery space. By doing this an installation was build in the space and a range of conversation took place about what objects people had chosen, what have drawn their attention and what value they saw in them.