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I had never seen a sky so blue



4k video / 3 screen installation / 23.42 min (loop) / sound

Photo: Sol Archer

Sound: Sol Archer

Colorist: Laurent Fluttert

Sound design and mix: Robert Kroos
Proofreading for subtitles: Liz Allen

I have never seen a sky so blue is a work that departs from the artist’s mum’s memories of her volunteer trip from Sweden to a kibbutz in Israel in 1972. The work oscillating between the mum’s narration about her life as a 17 year old woman in Sweden, her ideas and desires of exploring the socialist utopia at the kibbutz, her experience from the trip and time as a volunteer. Along this,a conversation between the artist and her mum is conducted about the Swedish and global political, social and religious environments that enabled volunteer trips to kibbutz. The stories and the conversations establish a tension between the mum’s memories and empirical knowledge and the historical and studied knowledge of the artist. The tension builds up and breaks down the conversation in which gaps between their generations ideas of history,the political and philosophical climate and identity becomes visible. 


The work is shot in the house and the gardento which the artist’s mum moved into with her family in 1972. The imagery from this site works as an architectural reference to a 1970’s Sweden but also talks about the idea of the nuclear family, togetherness and the garden becomes a placeholder for a longing and a dream of constructing an alternative living outside the normative format of the  family. 


Made possible by the generous support of the Mondriaan Fond.