Score towards a baroque care


HD Colour video / loop (6.06 min) / Sound

The work was produced as a part of the artist’s final project for her MA degree in Fine Art at The Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam (NL).


“What is the nature of moving in real-time? What is the nature of moving in real-time when you have a time pressure of 15 minutes? “

These are the two opening questions of the work which belongs to a voiceover that is accompanying images of a tapestry projected in a dark space. The tapestry has nature and animal motives,  woven around 1650 and the images in the work are collected from its contemporary installation at the Rijksmuseum Twenthe in Enschede (NL).  


In the dark space, the images seem to float. It is impossible to understand where the space begins or ends. The camera movements play with the projected images in an active way and create an extended choreography; a dance without the presence of a human body.

The voice-over is guiding within the dark space. It tells stories, asks questions and reflects on the images of the tapestry. Its script is partly based on an interview with a nurse student in Enschede (NL) about non-visual knowledge of care, and partly on ideas around new-materialism and posthumanism.

From time to time, the voice-over gets interrupted by sudden screams. They replace the normative way of communication through oral language and raises questions about a disappearing body, a non-visual body and stands as a reminder of hierarchies of communication. 


The camera scores and the reflections in care open up for a conversation about relationships between nature/culture, space/time and the body as a caring and disappearing object.