Speculative Occupation


HD colour video / 11:11min / Sound

Cinematographer: Cihad Caner / Clara J:son Borg

Sound: Javier Lloret

Edeting: Clara J:son Borg

Performers: Raluca Croitoru, Dan Fogarty, Madison Bycroft, 

Karin Robertson, Nils Bekkema

  The work views five people playing a game on wood logs in which the object is not to touch the ground. The logs are placed in a circle with enough space in between to create difficulty to move around on them. The performers need to negotiate and collaborate with each other to find ways to move and as the game goes on, this interaction becomes a way for the performers to find both verbal and physical affinities; a shoe size or poem can change the conditions of the game. The becomes a continuous exploration of movement and verbal communication and it talks about the individual agency within a group; How much of the own subjectivity needs to be negotiated to the advantage of the collaboration?