The chase to be among men


Performance / 30 min / Performed by Raluca Croitoru, Michelle Mantsio and Clara J:son Borg

Performed as a part of 13thFestivalen, Konstepedemin, Gothenburg, Sweden.

The chase to be among men is a series of movement, texts and spoken word that explores themes around the evolution of the human body, its relation to defense and Swedish defense identities. The evolutionary stories address the development of the use of the human arm, automatic behavior, dance as military training and political anatomy. The stories of the Swedish defense identities approaches family feud, soldier of fortune, a national army,  neutrality and solidarity.

The chase to be among men is an attempt to look at historical biological and human improvement strategies of the body in relation to defense. The work tries to locate how this have fostered our behavior patterns and shaped ideas about proximity and social choreographies between humans. The work tries to understand how political decisions are affecting the construction of our subject and how we on an individual level throughout history have tried to changes our conception of our own identities. The performance ends with touching up on contemporary ontologies of the human bodies where narcotics and pass controls are two largest factors in how we try to change and defend our bodies today.