The letter K for Karochi you lazy bastards


Performance / 10min / Performed by Anglica Falkeling, Katherine MacBride, Kari Robertson, Anni Puolakka, Daniel Tuomey, Viktor Timofeev, Connie Butler, Ash Kilmartin, Clara J:son Borg

The work was showed during the opening of  Assemble all relatives, Piet Zwart Institute Graduation Show, RAM-foundation, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The word Karochi is Japanese and is a medical term which means “sudden death by over work without any previous symptoms” and Karoshi normally take form as a heart attack, a stroke or a chock. The performance, a compilation of spoken word and movement scores it trying to approach the different symptoms within Karoshi: cell crack, multiple organ failure, acute hypoxia, thrombosis, heart attack, stroke. This as attempts to talk about Karoshi as a form a perspective of when our physical intelligence get lost in verbal rules. Does a collective, contemporary way of dying exist? How do we understand our bodies and its limits today? It is a collective body? A machine? A robot or just something that we believe can constantly reappear or replace? Do we have an everlasting power and when do we rest?