The letter U


Performance / 20 min

Performed at the Event HOT BLEND, a performance evening initiated by the artist Elias Björn and Clara J:son Borg, produced by Pröverommet Bergen and Visningsrommet USF Bergen as a part of the dance festival Oktoberdans 2016.

This performance act oscillate between physical scores and storytelling and is a part of a continuous research by the artist to let cognitive, emotional and kinetic processes interact with one another. The performance is based around different balancing acts and gestures combined with fragmented stories about human interrelations, understanding of identities, nationalities and how language and words can be the constructive force in how we relate to those topics. Fragments that are presented in the performance includes a joke that the artist got told when traveling in Romania about how to recognize a Russian soldier from the USSR, the artist granddad’s thoughts about Romanian people, ideas about language as a soft power, how words can form a recognizable identity and the artist niece understanding of Norway as a choreography. The work is an attempt to investigate the contemporary of relations within Europe, border politics and the process of how we humans subscribe value to things like nationalize, individuals, language and physical movements.