Together we wait for us


Performance / 30 min / Performed by Anni Puolakka, Raluca Croitoru, Dan Fogarty, Katherine MacBride and Clara J:son Borg

Performed at Breaking and Making Routines, Goethe Institute, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The voyeuristic format of the performance set out to explore what a we can be. Through, breathing, movement scores, physical support structures and reading of text the work looks at ideas and concepts around intense short-term relationships, death, the communal, collective and social we, and color-coding of fear.

The environment established in the performance is a desire to try to understand experiences of belonging or not belonging, of how to live together and what structures there are that forms our social choreography. The work also like to take the chance to speculate on new ways of social interaction between humans and if our interhuman relationships could be imagined differently.